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Dr. Lewitt's Personal Story

Dr. Lewitt's Personal Story

The topic of international Adoption is a personal matter for me – I was adopted by an American family at the age of six months from South Korea. I have been blessed with loving parents, siblings, my spouse, friends, and my own children because of international adoption. In many ways, my international adoption has helped make me who I am today, as I would not have been afforded the wonderful opportunities that growing up in a loving family can bring about.

International adoption was never a taboo subject in my family. My parents spoke openly about it when I asked questions, but I was never made to feel like I was different or foreign. It was never a “thing” that I worried about. My mom and dad were my parents and I was their child. I was treated just like my three other siblings who are biological children of my parents.

My husband and I now have children of our own. I happily share my adoption story with them, explaining that family is love, no matter where you come from. My brother has been so influenced by my international adoption that I now have a nephew and niece who are also part of our family now because of international adoption.

Though international adoption can be a wonderful life-changing experience, it has its fair of challenges as well. Many issues, such as developmental delay, chronic disease, psychological effects from prior life experiences and adjusting to new life experiences, may arise that parents and families may not be prepared for. Pediatricians, like myself, who are well-versed in international adoption can help families to better understand these issues and hopefully overcome them.