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Cold, Sinus Infection, or Allergies: Which Is Affecting Your Child?

When your child has an upper respiratory problem, you may automatically think that they are suffering from a cold. However, other conditions like sinus infections and allergies can share the same symptoms. If you try to treat for the wrong one, then your child's symptoms may not go away or could even get worse.

Posted: 1/7/2020 1:43:01 PM by Heidi Lerch | with 0 comments

How To Protect School-Age Children From Cold And Flu Viruses

School is a great place for children to learn, but unfortunately, schools can also be a breeding grounds for germs, such as the viruses that cause the flu and the common cold. In the U.S., children miss about 22 million school days each year due to the common cold alone. So how do you protect your child from illness in such a busy school environment? Start by following these tips.

Posted: 1/7/2020 1:24:40 PM by Heidi Lerch | with 0 comments

New Babies and Feeding: Common Parental Concerns

As a new parent, you face a steep learning curve. Something as simple as feeding a baby or getting enough sleep can seem especially daunting. Don't worry; many new parents have questions about feeding a new baby and many wonder if they are doing the right things when providing for the needs of an infant.
Posted: 1/7/2020 1:00:03 PM by Heidi Lerch | with 0 comments

5 Ways to Help Your Child Through a Stomach Virus

When your child comes down with a stomach virus, it is important to take the appropriate measures to help your child recover. Here are a few tips for helping your child feel better when he or she is stricken with a stomach virus.
Posted: 12/16/2019 1:43:42 PM by Heidi Lerch | with 0 comments

4 Tips for Managing ADD/ADHD in Children

Attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are conditions with complex roots in neurobehavior, psychology, and development. Children who have AD/HD showcase persistent impulsiveness and inattention. Depending on their unique presentation, they may also display hyperactivity.
Posted: 12/16/2019 1:27:54 PM by Heidi Lerch | with 0 comments