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Lerch & Amato Pediatrics

Urgent Pediatric Care in Sewell & Gibbsboro, NJ

There are times when your child is not feeling well and may need to to seen as soon as possible or immediately for a sick appointment.  Two of the most important factors to consider in choosing your child's pediatrician are availability and familiarity, especially when your child is feeling sick.  With two offices in Gibbsboro, NJ and in Sewell, NJ, both offices have same day sick appointments available Monday through Friday--even in the evenings til 9:00pm  We also have Saturday morning ang afternoon sick appointment times available for your child to be seen.  When your child is able to be seen by the providers in one of our offices that you and your child are familiar with, it helps establish a continuity of care.  Since we are your child's primary care provider we maintain a full medical history of your child and know how to best treat your child for their illness.  Bringing your little one to one of our offices also helps both the parent and the child to feel more at ease for the visit---in an environment along with doctors and nurses you are familiar with.

For non-life threatening issue--always call our office first before using an Urgent Care Center or the Emergency Room.  Our medical providers are highly trained and experienced and are able to treat for most conditions right in the office.  It is a comfort to know that when your child is not feeling well, we are already aware of your child's medical history and can thus provide the best care and treatment plan necessary.

If you would like us to see more than one child, please remember to schedule both of them when you make your appointment.