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Lerch & Amato Pediatrics

Our Staff





Front Desk/Medical Receptionists
You will find our medical receptionists to always be friendly, compassionate, knowledgeable and they enjoy helping or directing our patients to whatever their needs are.  They will schedule your appointment at a time that is mutually conventient for you and our practice.  The receptionists are the liasons between our patients, medical assistants, nurses, doctors, billers and management.  So--if you have a question--just ask them--they will get you to the right person to get you an answer.  They do more than just answering phones and scheduling your appointments, but they are also responsible for Referrals, Pre-Certifications, Prior Authorizations and other various procedures that your child may require.  Verifying your insurance prior to your scheduled appointment is also something they do in advance of your visit, so that the time you are in our office will go smoothly.
Medical Assistants
The medical assistants (MA's) at Advocare: Lerch & Amato Pediatrics are well trained and will greet you and your child with a welcome smile.  As they assist you back to the exam room, they will take your child's vitals, which include weight, height, blood pressure and temperature.  They will also assist in performing testing, such as vision and hearing screenings as well as doing rapid strep, urine, RSV and flu testing.  They help our medical providers educate you on what vaccines your child is due to have as well as what the vaccines will protect your child against.  Our MA's help our doctors and nurse practitioners in whatever way they can in making sure your office visit goes as smoothly as possible.  

Our compassionate nurses are an invaluable part of our medical team.  These gals provide information on an array of topics--from Newborn Care, Breast Feeding Tips, information on various medications etc.  They provide follow-up support from topics discussed at tyour child's Well Visit, or Sick Visit, including dietary changes, potty training and the list goes on and on.  Our nurses assist our providers in duscussing laboratory results and radiology reports.  They also help in completing numerous school/sport/physical/camp forms so you can get them back in a timely manner.  Our nurses are also reponsible for our "Vaccine Express Program.
Our billing staff comes with many years of experience in billing and in providing complete and accurate information to our patients.  Insurance billing and payments can be a confusing web to comprehend.  You will find our billers to be courteous and will relay answers to your billing questions in a way you can understand.  Should you have any questions about an outstanding balance, please call our office directly at 856-435-6000 and ask for our billing department.  Our billers are here and are happy to help you address the issue and guide you through  to a solution.  We accept payments by phone if it is more convenient for you.  We can be reached Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:40 pm at (856) 435--4782.
****So that you understand the billing process, once a child is treated by one of our medical providers, a claim is generated and is billed to the patient's insurance company by the Advocare Billing Department.  When and if a payment is made by your insurance company, the general Advocare Billing Department posts the payments.  From there we can help you with your billing questions.