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Lerch & Amato Pediatrics


We understand that your child can become suddenly ill or have a condition where you as the parent feel your child needs immediate medical attention.  Our practice is sensitive to that need and takes great strides to train our helfpul staff to accomodate your urgent needs.
We do however, discourage visits without an appointment.
1.  We allot adequate appointment times for each of our patients.This is to assure that enough time is given for each child's medical needs.  When you bring your child in without an appointment, the doctor or nurse is then rushed with seeing your child  AND  the next few childern whom already had a scheduled appointment. This may not allow adequate time for your particular need. 

How We Can Help:
If you feel your child must be seen immediately, kindly call our office and speak with one of our trained staff members and we will see to it that you get the next available appointment or an appointment as soon as your child's situation dictates.  

**If you have a true Emergency Situation, meaning that there is a life threatening condition, such as loss of consciousness, severe blood loss; seizures etc. either call 911 or take your child to the nearest Hospital Emergency Room. 

**In cases of more minor problems such as lacerations, cuts, mild fractures, sprains, please call our office first for instructions.