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Pediatric Well Visits in Sewell & Gibbsboro, NJ

We believe that regular Well Visits with your pediatrician are important in promoting the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth that is needed for every child's well being.  During the well visits we will discuss your child's growth, nutrition, developmental milestones, behavior and administer the recommended vaccines.  We will also give age appropriate anticipatory guidance about safety and prevention.

Your child will go through many changes as he/she grows up, and as such, some of thes issues we address during a well visit will also change.  In the early infancy months, we will focus on growth, developmental milestones, conduct spot vision tests to screen for early vision abnormalities, and counsel on safety.  We also screen for lead exposure and anemia at 9 months and 2 years of age.  In the preschool years we wil continue to track his/her growth and development but we also discuss any behavorial concerns such as potty training, feeding concerns, and temper tantrums.  Typically at 4 years of age, your child will receive hearing and vision screenings.  In the school age years, we will discuss his/her academic performance and social developments.  In the adolescent years, we will address pubertal changes and begin to speak with your teenager in private to establish his/her own confidential provider-patient relationship.  We will also screen him-her for any high risk behaviors and mental illness that may otherwise go undetected.  Taking care of your child is a privilege, and through well visits we can do our best to ensure that he/she will reach their potential to become a health, independent, confident and productive individual!!

 We recommend that you call our office at least 2 week(s) in advance so you may choose the date and time that best fits your needs.