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Lerch & Amato Pediatrics


Do you accept my health insurance plan?
May I request a specific pediatrician for my visit?
My child needs to see a specialist. What do I do?
How do I obtain a prescription refill?
Does your practice support breastfeeding mothers?
I just gave birth. When should I schedule my baby's first doctor visit?
When should my baby start solid foods?
Can I bring my child in without a scheduled appointment?
My company's insurance changed to a new insurance company that your practice does not accept. Can I still bring my child in to be seen?
Up to what age can my child be seen?
Are you accepting new patients?
How do we contact the doctor after hours? Should I go to an Urgent Care Center
How do I know if I need a referral or a pre-certification/authorization?
My insurance changed to another company that your practice does not accept. Can I still bring my child in to be seen?
Insurance are so confusing, If I have a question about my bill, who do I call?
Why did I receive a bill for a copay when my child was seen for a Well Visit?
Why am I charged a different level of care for sick visits?
If my child is sick and misses school--can I call for a "Doctor's Note"?
What if my insurance company tells me I need a Referral to see a Specialist? What do I do?
Who calls the shots?!?! In other words will the medical assistants or the physicians and nurses administer my child's vaccines?
If my child has an appointment for their Well Visit and their brother or sister is sick--can I just bring in their sibling and have them seen as well?
Why don't you prescribe antibiotics over the phone? Why do we need to see the doctor?
Why don’t you prescribe medication for my child when he/she has a virus?